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A Linear Language

Cardew received an Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre Studio Residency Award and was supported by Arts Council Wales International to continue her research and experimentation at Uillinn alongside the Beyond Drawing Exhibition. This project examined the edges between drawing and movement, approached through exploration of scores and research in dance notation and instructional drawing. What was initially a 3-week residency at the Uillinn in 2020, became an extended remote residency project which began remotely in 2021 with in-person activities at the Uillinn in summer 2022. 

Research in movement notation

Project research consisted of an understanding and analysis of notional systems, largely dance notation, with other reading subjects including graphic scores, representing movement and the kinesphere. This then informed thinking for generating drawings and scores for movement. Pictured below are drawings inspired by Labanotation (left), Feuillet-Beauchamp (middle) and notes from a workshop on the Axis Syllabus notation system (right) from Manuela Martella

Spun out_stage fright _2021.v2.jpg
Screenshot 2021-08-14 at 11.52.55.png

Remote workshops

Participants were invited to explore graphic scores - an experimental way of depicting or recording sound, movement or even stories. This workshop served as an introduction to this way of working and drawing - through drawing, anything can be notated, with the group creating drawings inspired by machine sounds and movement.

Aerial movement and drawing

This project included collaborative work with aerialist and artist Emily Aoibheann (IRE) which began remotely in January 2022. Through creative exchange ranging from dialogue to shared studio practice, the collaboration explored drawing as instruction in aerial movement, and vice-versa, as the artists moved between instruction and interpretation. Informed by dance notation and graphic scoring, and inspired by ideas of emergence, intention, and artist authority, this collaboration pushed the boundaries of the project with exciting results.


Photographs by Tomasz Madajczak

Public sharing

Public sharing at the Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre (pictured above) consisted of improvised aerial movement performed by Emily Aoibheann, and movement captured in ink on paper by Hazel Cardew. This work is ongoing, with new considerations for more choreographed and structured set-ups as demonstrated opposite in the 'clock face experiment'.

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